Designer Pods & Kit Houses that are PreFab-ulous

It’s a common misconception that prefab homes are less well-made and use low-grade materials compared to a traditional building approach. This general perception very much depends of the quality of the manufacturer or supplier. These days, you can get anything from small office pods, to larger prefabricated homes, that are designed to last a lifetime – and don’t scrimp on the high-end finish.

It’s always been a dream of mine to build my own house with an interior that suits my style…However, with modular homes taking as little as 2-3 days to construct (as the building materials and components are made off-site), the fast turnaround make this method of construction very appealing indeed – the dream may not be out of reach afterall…

Take a look at some of inspiring modular and prefab homes that make me want to sell up and buy a plot of land:

Bert’s Boxes – Bert & May Spaces








The exteriors are clad with Bert & May’s characterful reclaimed timber, whilst the interiors feature their very own handmade encaustic tiles, reclaimed timber floors, underfloor heating throughout and is topped off with an exclusive Bert & May/Red Deer kitchen. The crittal inspired windows and doors allow for maximum light, airflow and style. Click here to take a 360 degree tour.

Below are just a few more inspiring modular, prefab homes that inspire with their cutting-edge design:enhanced-buzz-24682-1381864415-18 enhanced-buzz-25270-1381860983-8 cc3fc9d20fa8202215901ba9733729b7 enhanced-buzz-8423-1381861722-1 enhanced-buzz-32282-1381858013-11 030aad24f20b067a21a1116df18cf325 Minimod-modular-mobile-home-by-MAPA-Architects_dezeen_8 Minimod-modular-mobile-home-by-MAPA-Architects_dezeen_1blu1 homb1 vipp1