How Much Decor is “Too Much”


Its time to demystify one of the confusing parts of designing a room. How much décor is too much? A friend of mine texted me this question a couple of weeks ago, and it unfortunately took me this long to figure out how to answer it! It’s a hard one!

But dear friends, I have the perfect answer – It’s totally about style, and your preferences. My answer does sound like a cop out, but stay tuned I am going to get into it more. Kinda like Goldie Locks and the three bears, people typically fall into 3 categories in life (and design)- Less is more, More is More, and Right in the Middle or Just Right.

There is a method of finding out what your most comfortable with. I suggest collecting photos of rooms that appeal to you. Take note of how much negative space the room has.  What’s negative space you ask? It’s…

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