5 Creative Ways to Display Travel Keepsakes & Souvenirs with Style

It always seems like a great idea to collect mementos and little souvenirs when you’re away on holiday, until your home, and 9 times out of 10, these mementos end up at the bottom of your drawer…or floating out in cyberspace.

If you’re as sentimental as me, and are trying to find creative ways to display your souvenirs: Here are 5 easy and stylish ways to display your travel keepsakes.

1. Memory Jars & Bell Jars

It can take some effort to turn travel mementos and knickknacks into art, I hope these ideas will inspire the globe trotter in you to have a go.

Why not stuff your favourite souvenirs into pretty glass jars. Display your jar on a shelf or your mantel piece to give it pride of place. You can treat it as a living arrangement and continue to add to the items over time.

memory jar

Having recently come back from a trip to New York, I decided to create an arrangement of my favourite photos and objects inside a bell jar.

DSC01512-v2 travel-bell-jar-v2

The cork and oyster shell (above) are from the restaurant where my boyfriend proposed :), along with photos of the NY skyline, Central Park Zoo, the Guggenheim and I glued a map to the base to give it a vintage touch. DSC01534

2. Deep Box Memory Frames

memory box

How-Display-Travel-SouvenirsI love how Jordan Hebl, photographer, organises her photos in shadow or deep edge memory frames (above, left). She cuts out the letters of the city from postcards and photos, adding her personality with sand, coins and ticket stubs from the area. Fantastically simple and looks great! You can source smart and affordable, deep edge box frames at Homebase and Hobbycraft.

3. Bottles of Sand

Collect sand from your travels and create a display of them contained in bottles and jars of different shapes and sizes to add a shabby-chic, vintage touch (above, right). Label them with the names of the places you took them from, and you’ll have a display that’s guaranteed to transport you to a different city.

4. Tiny Travel Album in a Box

If you’re a budding photographer and like to get crafty, then this one could be for you. Find a small cardboard box and print off your images to fit. Cut a thin, long length of paper to the width of the box and fold into an accordion shape. Stick your photos onto the card and hey presto – you have your own, tiny photo album. To create a professional finish, spray paint the box and create a graphic label.

tinyTravelAlbum_2 tinyTravelAlbum_1_edited

5. Aluminium Mounted Photos

Another great way to present your photos is by getting them mounted on aluminium. I love this look as it’s clean and modern. Whilst this approach is a little more expensive than ideas 1-4, you don’t need to pay for framing and the finish is sleek and simple.

DSC01537 If you’ve been inspired to display your travel keepsakes then please get in touch. I’d love to see what you’ve been up to!