With so many predictions for what the key themes for interiors will be in 2015, I’ve picked out my favorite styles that I hope will stick.

Exotic Botanic

Exotic Botanic is the notion of reconnecting with nature, and going back to our roots. The hypnotic colours and rich deep hues re-awaken the senses and revitalise even the smallest of spaces. A simple addition of a botanic accessory could bring a sense of the eclectic and add a bit of drama.

Haymes Colour Forecast 2015
Haymes Paint Colour Forecast

Rhythmic Palms

Rhythmic Palms is a bold theme that is sure to make a statement. This theme explores the notion of travel and escapism – with rich, leafy jungle motifs and large, over-sized patterns combined with dark and dramatic charcoal greys, teals and blues. This is the perfect scheme if you need to get away.
Haymes Paint Colour Forecast – Rhythmic Palms colour theme. Photo by Martina Gemmola / Styling by Ruth Welsby. The theme explores notion of escapism and replenishment through a deep, rich palette that amplifies colour and pattern.

The notion of re-connecting to our roots has seen a shift in colour direction, as we move towards softer palettes. This is evident in the two themes ‘Raw’ and ‘New Skin’ of solid and dependable colours. The exploration of natural tones leads to the development of lush greens and dusty pinks, which is illustrated in the themes ‘Rhythmic Palms’ and ‘Exotic Botanic’, both echoing the diversity of nature.

Dana Tomic Hughes – Editor in Chief, Yellowtrace.com


Raw explores the notion of “less is more” – cutting out the clutter – and redefining what’s important. Haymes paint forecast shows a more neutral palette compared to those above – made up of muted, natural tones such as warm browns and creams, these colours have a calming effect and are perfect for any interior accessories and styling.

Raw colour theme. Photo by Martina Gemmola / Styling by Ruth Welsby. Source: yellowtrace.co.uk This natural palette is very subdued, generating an ethereal atmosphere with warm brow and cream tones forming the perfect base for any interior styling.

Colour of 2015: Olive Green

Stay away avocado! But I do love Olive greens and Sage:

Source: House Beautiful
Olive green
Source: http://www.marcusdesigninc.com/
Justina Blakeley
Source: justinablakeney.com

Dark, Moody Minimalism, Ugly Marble & Herringbone

Source: Dering Hall. This image is the splahback in Michael Verheyden’s kitchen.

herringbone shower times

Souce: designwebwinkel.nl
Souce: designwebwinkel.nl
Source: Remodelista
Source: Remodelista
Herringbone patterns continue to look fresh, as in the Herringbone House by Atelier Chan Chan.

To download the full Hymes Paint Colour Forecast Report click here.


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